About Neuropair

NeuroPair’s dedicated team of medical professionals, scientists and business leaders wants to help patients with spinal cord injury regain lost function and avoid long-term paralysis.

NeuroPair is an early-stage therapeutic company aiming to regenerate and re-connect neurons after spinal cord injury.  We use an injectable gel formulation with magnetically aligning nanoparticles to create a fiber scaffold in the injury site in order to stimulate and guide axonal regrowth.  The technology is based on patented intellectual property created by Dr. Johannes Dapprich, CEO of NeuroPair.

Axons are like electrical cables that connect neurons in the brain and spinal cord.  If an axon is damaged or cut due to a spinal cord injury, the electrical transmission is lost, resulting in loss of control (motion, bladder, bowel, sexual function) and sensation (feeling, pain, position).

Damage to the spinal cord usually has devastating and irreversible consequences.  There is no effective therapy.  NeuroPair’s first product is intended to be a minimally invasive treatment by injection for the rapid stabilization of acute spinal cord injuries.  If successful, the treatment procedure will be extended also to patients with chronic spinal cord injury.